Mute Crimson + On Greenlight!

Hey guys~!  We’ve put up Mute Crimson + on Steam Greenlight.

>>Head on over to the Greenlight page by clicking HERE<<

If you’ve been following our exploits for a while, you may remember Mute Crimson as one of our XBLIG games. The steam version will be a remade ehancement of the original, featuring new graphics, audio, and additional content.

For more information, head on over to the steam page!

Thanks guys ~!


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Level Flyby #3

Here’s another one! All these animated tiles.

foundryFlybyEntities and UI are disabled. It’s also sped up to keep the gif less than a million mb.

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ANOTHER level flyby

With all objects removed.

wip, as always.


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Level Tileset Flyby (pass 2)

just a little update. The animations on the player have changed quite a bit since the initial concept, but we’ll roll sprites out a bit later.

For now, have the first map again, with all the entities removed.



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Tileset Fly By

better flyby

Early WIP on one of the tile sets.

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Check Out the Game Music Bundle 6 (we’re in it!)


It’s a collection of soundtracks from various releases, all stuffed together for a pay what you want sort of deal!

With music from games like Dust, Stanley Parable and Mighty Switch Force 2 on to us, we’re definitely honored to be part of the pack!

A bit surprised really! But hey!

Go and check it out if you want to grab some great music

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Sprites Sprites Sprites

the freeware program Aseprite is absolutely wonderful. A couple of shortcomings, but it’s way better than Gale, and not the confusing, unintuitive mess that cosmigo promotion seems to be through my research.

if only it had tilemap support, this would be your one stop program for ALL your spriting needs.  Or at least, mine.

turretSawcheckpoint hp drop metalPest Heavyshot1coptor  explosion booster

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